SYRGROUP employs a young, proactive and highly qualified team. They have relevant experience in the sector yet are constantly trained to keep up to date with the latest technology and to develop the business.

SYRGROUP considers that a fundamental aspect of social responsibility is based on the personal and professional development of the individual. As such, it is firmly committed to training as a vehicle for all its employees.

Our commitment



  • Promoting a dignified working environment for our employees and actively encouraging their professional training and development.  We welcome the diversity of opinions, viewpoints, cultures, ages and genders in our organisations.
  • Providing our staff with training and opportunities for professional development which are in accordance with their capabilities.
  • Promoting a motivating and secure working environment in which employees are respected and their initiatives are fully appreciated.
  • Ensuring clear targets, effective leadership, competitive salaries and recognition of achievements.
  • Achieving the right conditions for an optimum life balance in a framework of equality and dialogue.


Encouraging the people who work for the Group to act ethically, with honesty and integrity, respecting the values, principles and philosophy which we advocate so as to help to maximise trust in our business.

  • Developing our activities whilst rejecting corruption, fraud and bribery and establishing means to avoid and combat them by creating internal channels which encourage the communication of irregularities whilst respecting and protecting the anonymity of anyone who brings such activities to our attention.


SYRGROUP actively promotes occupational health and safety in its business culture, thereby guaranteeing optimum working conditions throughout the value chain.

  • Guaranteeing that safety is a collective responsibility.
  • Providing adequate training and establishing information, consultation and participation channels as key elements in accident prevention.
  • Incorporating accident prevention criteria in business decision-making and processes as well as new projects, products and services, thereby ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Preventing any behaviour which could lead to a working environment which is unsafe, intimidating or offensive.
  • In order to achieve this SYRGROUP has developed an Occupational Health and Safety System which is maintained and tested regularly in accordance with established regulations