Syrgroup has over 100 tractor units and 150 articulated trailers, as well as more than 20 partner hauliers.

20, 40 and 45 foot containers, extendable flatbed trailers, tippers, reefers, ADRs, low loaders and general cargo.

Container transport

We transport containers in Spain and the European Union.

  • 20, 40 and 45 feet containers
  • Reefer containers (own genset)
  • Oversized containers
  • ADR containers (IMO goods)
  • ADR tankers (IMO goods)
  • 20 foot tipping containers

Other types of transport

In addition to transporting containers, Syrgroup has many years of experience in other areas, including:

  • Transporting breakbulk
  • Transporting refrigerated cargo
  • Transporting ADR cargo (dangerous goods)
  • Transport of project cargo (oversized goods)